CavalloNero Friesians

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Find out what is happening and who are the new arrivals at CavalloNero Friesians
CHRISTMAS 2020 - Daenerys  

Exciting times over Christmas, when Charlotte visited and discovered that her beloved Daenerys had been started under saddle and was ready for some gentle rides - what a wonderful surprise! We are incredibly pleased with how Dee is maturing, she is an absolute gem - kind, willing, loving, beautiful... Dee and Charlotte make a lovely pair and we are excited to watch them grow together
Sire: The Wizzard
Dam: Keesje van de Johtanheve STER

SPRING 2020 - Birth Announcements

During Spring, we had the pleasure of welcoming two gorgeous babies into the Cavallo Nero family:

** Neiko CN **

Purebred Bb II Colt

DOB: 21 October 2020

Dam: Anastazia KP

Sire: Wizzard

** Novalita Lotte CN **

Purebred Bb II Filly

DOB: 12 November 2020

Dam: Keesje van de Johtanheve STER, Imp. Ned

Sire: Orlando Maurits STER


Late last year, in light of the ongoing drought conditions, we made the decision to send a few of the horses off to spend some time with Tianna and Charlotte in the Adelaide Hills.

Jelco was the first to head over, arriving in December, followed by Keesje and Annie in January. Nanzy was the final mare to head over, and was safely delivered in March. All have settled in well to their new surrounds and Tianna and Charlotte are enjoying spending time with the big horses.

While we miss having them at home in Cowra, the reduced numbers are giving us the opportunity to undertake some pasture rejuvenation and improvement projects around the property. Wizz & Ollie are still at home, along with the young ones and a handful of mares.