CavalloNero Friesians

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Eelkje Fan It Huningspaed 3rd Premie

Pure Friesian 2001 StudBook Imp Ned
3rd Premie

Sire: Ulke 338
Dam: Berdine Van Hoeve SchoonZicht

Reg'd:    KFPS & AFHS
Height:  16hh

Eelkje known as Elks is a stunning Baroque Style mare by the famous Dutch Friesian Stallion, Ulke 338, who excels in harness.    

 Although only lightly campaigned in dressage, she came home with convincing scores of 65-70% for her first competition.  She is absolutely bombproof under saddle, often giving pony rides to visitors to the stud.  Eelkje's half brother, also sired by Ulke, Jacana TK, of TashKent Friesians, turned heads with impressive dressage performances.  

2005 - Stannekann Black Onyx - Filly IIU (By Time 398)
2007 - A'Zai CN - Colt (By Wizzard)
2009 - D'Zegna CN - Filly (By Orlando Maurits)
2014 - Von Dutch CN of dBL - Colt (By Wizzard)                          

2016 - Aremis CN - Colt (By Markus V)

2017 - Zues CN - Colt (By Wizzard)

2018 - I'Loki CN - Colt (By Orlando Maurits)

2019 - Kicote Charles CN of Corymbia (By Wizzard)


Keesje van de Johtanheve STER
Purebred Friesian 2003 Studbook STER mare Imp Ned

Sire: Teade 332

Dam: Theunie (Tjimme 275)


Height: 16.3hh

Keesje is a stunning, tall Modern Style mare with tons of hair and is a granddaughter of the great Anton known for his very long and thick mane.
She has competed to Medium Level Dressage before retiring to broodmare duties where she has produced outstanding foals.

2008 - Che - Colt (By Dennis vd Smalbende)
2013 - S'Calibur CN - Colt (By Orlando Maurits)
2015 - Zattare CN - Filly (By Orlando Maurits)

2016 - Ares CN - Colt (By Orlando Maurits)

2017 - Daenerys CN - Filly (By Wizzard)

2018 - Heaven CN - FIlly (By Orlando Maurits)

2020 - Novalita Lotte CN - Filly (By Orlando Maurits)


Anastazia KP
Pure BB2 Friesian 2008
Sire: Orlando Maurits
Dam: Freya Fan It Huningspaed
Reg'd KFPS & ANFS 
Height:  15.3 hh

Anastazia KP,  known as Anni, was out of the very special Freya fan it Huningspaed, a stunning big imported mare who was a gentle giant, and stole our hearts.  Anni was sold to a beautiful home when we moved out to Cowra, to commence a dressage career, but after an injury, she became unsound, and made her way home to Cavallo Nero to live her days out, back with her stablemates.


2012 - Nanzy CN - Filly (By Wizzard)

2014 - Remy MG - Colt (By Wizzard)

2017 - Eelsje Zadel CN - Filly (By Jelco)

2018 - Izzan Aegon CN - Colt (By Wizzard)

2020 - Neiko CN - Colt (By Wizzard)

Nanzy CavalloNero

Pure BB2 Friesian 2012

Sire: Wizzard
Dam: Anastazia KP

Reg'd:    KFPS & AFHS
Height:  15hh

Nanzy is a stunning Baroque Style mare by our Friesian Stallion, Wizzard. She is the first foal out of Anastazia KP, who was our first purebred filly by our boy Orlando Maurits and out of our very special mare Freya Fan It Huningspaed (Sape 381) who is now sadly deceased.

2015 - Zsa Zsa Gabor CN of dBL (By Braggo S)

2016 - Achilles CN (By Braggo S)

2019 - Jerbert Zadel of CN (By Jelco)

Fancy Sasha - SOLD
Tall Elegant Friesian Warmblood Mare

2006 7/8th Black Friesian WB

Sire:   Dennis V/D Smalbende (Ster Imp Ned)
Dam:  Rikeltsje (FW)

Reg'd:  AFWHS
Height: 16hh

She is a lovely blend of the Modern and Classic Friesian.  Sasha is a stunning mare, with the most gentle of temperaments. She joined CNF as a 3yo, her breeder had a young family and made the very hard decision to let her go to a new family. She is a credit to her previous owner as she was so easy going, sweet and well handled. You would never know that she is not quite a purebred, all the Friesian traits have been passed to Sasha 


2010 - Zavier CN - Colt (By The Wizzard)

2011 - Kunte Kinte - Colt (By The Wizzard)

2014 - Kizashii CN - Filly (By Orlando Maurits)

2015 - Shadow CN of Whispering Hollows - Filly (By Orlando Maurits)

2016 - Ollies Boy - Colt (By Orlando Maurits)


Frahaven Prada - For Sale

2009 Pure Andalusian

Rego S01649

Sire:   El Tigre

Dam:  Bethungra Saltar

Height: 15hh

For many years mum and her friend, Sue Fraser, talked about having foals from each others' stallions, Wizzard and El Tigre. Unfortunately before mum could do this, El Tigre sadly passed away. Some time later Sue offered us, the lovely Prada, to breed warlanders CNF.


2015 - Palazzi CN - Warlander Filly (By Orlando Maurits) 

2016 - Beasty - Warlander Filly (By Wizzard)