CavalloNero Friesians

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CavalloNero have 3 Purebred Stallions standing at Stud. They are all very different but all 3 have all that is typical of Friesians: Temperament, Bone, Looks, Movement and Trainability, and they pass all this, and more, onto their progeny. 

Our Stallions are also available for Weddings, Formals, Promotions, Photo Shoots and Dream Rides.


Service Fee:  $900 LFG, Agistment, Vet and other costs are all extra. 

Available by Live Cover, Chilled Semen 

Discounts apply for multiple mares.

$800 Frozen Semen LFG (Conditions Apply)

15hh Purebred BB1 Stallion


DOB:  23/11/99

Sire:  Iepe TJ  (Imp Ned)

Dam:  Jissel  (now owned by Groveborn Frieisians)

Wizz is everything I could wish for.  He is a truly versatile horse and competitor.  He always gives his heart in all he does.  Although he came into work a little late at the age of 6, he is never unplaced in the Dressage Arena and the Show Ring.  He is also very busy with his Promotional Work, Modelling, PhotoShoots, Weddings, Formals and of course, his Stud Duties. 

Wizz has amazing progeny on the ground, now spanning many disciplines, all very beautiful and talented, and showing great promise. He is most importantly, the Perfect Gent, with the Ladies, and his manners are always impeccable, at home and on outings, a trait that is an integral part of our wonderful breed, The Frieisan.


Service Fee:  $900 LFG, Agistment, Vet and other costs are all extra. 

Available by Live Cover, Chilled Semen

Discounts apply for multiple mares.

$800 Frozen Semen LFG (Conditions Apply)

16hh Black Purebred Stallion

DOB:   1/11/2004

Sire:    Feitse 293 (Holl)

Dam:    Marlene Petraa Friso

Orlando, or Ollie, as he is known came to CNF from Sharon of Kinglsee Park Friesians. He originally came to visit while Sharon was travelling with work, and to go under saddle, and then he stayed to become very much part of the CNF Team and my family.
 Ollie was already a proven and highly successful stud stallion with Kinglsee Park, with consistently beautiful and successful progeny. I am so thrilled to own such a beautiful boy, especially knowing how much he means to Sharon.
He was awarded the coveted Ster Status at the 2009 Dutch Kuering, and then commenced his career under saddle.
 The two boys, Ollie & Wizzie fast became familiar faces wherever they went, and on occasions, Jelco and Zeppelin joined them. Ollie was as much at home, lollying around the property with Sharon, as he was at his first outing at Hawkesbury Riding Club, and then to his new life on our ‘Sea-Change’ when we finally made our new home at Cowra in the Central West NSW. Ollie was a big hit at his first wedding with Wizz beside him. The Bride & Groom, Danielle & David, were more than stoked with the boys, the venue owners didnt even suspect it was Ollies first outing. The photographers had never shot horses before, so they were in awe of them both. Now Ollie is a supermodel in his own right, and loves working with all the Glamour. So typical the beautiful Friesian Breed.


Service Fee:  $900 Frozen Semen ONLY 

16.1hh Black Purebred Friesian Stallion 


DOB:  14 October 2003

Sire:  Teunis 332 (Ned)

Dam: Paula's Lyckle'B' Femke

Jelco was bred by Fryske Hinder Stud, and bought by my daughter of Zadel Friesians as her future dressage mount, and stud stallion, but family circumstances meant he couldnt be with her. Tianna adores him, as he does her. Her pet name for him is Boy. He went into full time training as a competition horse with a professional rider, only coming home to CNF for stud duties, when his schedule allowed.

After suffering a serious accident, he has now returned home to CNF permanently, and loving his life and change of direction, here with Wizzie and Ollie. We had thought he might not recover, but he has proven that our faith in him was not in vain and as with Wizzie and Ollie, is just loving this new lifestyle.

Jelco is a big boy with loads of presence, and has his ever growing band of fans, as he loves to show off. Jelco also produces amazing progeny, loads of bone, and that big presence Teunis offspring is reknowned for. Both his Pure and Part bred babies are everything we could have wished for.